4 Things You Should Look for When Booking an International Hotel

Traveling abroad is an excellent time to get to know other cultures and customs, and ultimately, yourself. But international travel does come with its own set of challenges, like navigating a language barrier, changing your currency, orienting yourself to new neighborhoods, etc. Many of these hindrances, however, can be minimized by choosing the right hotel.


When it comes to hotels abroad, travelers are often looking for the perfect trifecta of safety, comfort, and affordability. Of course, this trio comes in handy stateside as well, but can be all the more helpful when out of the country. So here are four things to keep an eye out for when choosing where you’ll stay on your next international vacation.


1. Free Airport Shuttle

Nothing makes landing in an unfamiliar country easier than knowing the hotel has a shuttle that will pick you up from the airport. This is a great feature to look for when choosing your hotel; it gives you the chance to drop off your bags, rest for a few minutes, and then get to know the neighborhood you’re staying in–plus, it allows you the chance to chat with the concierge on what’s a good deal and what’s not for the cabs you’ll likely hail during the remainder of your stay.


2. Location

We usually suggest spending a few extra dollars to be closer to the action. Sure, you can sometimes save money by staying further out, but you’re here to see things and have experiences, and a foreign country is often much harder to navigate. Plus, at least staying in a central spot will save you cab and bus fares.


3. Free Breakfast

When we travel abroad, we’re always on the hunt for courtesies that save time and money — like free hotel breakfast.


4. Security

It is always best to spend a few extra dollars on your safety. Do a quick check of things when you first arrive at your hotel — or better yet, call the hotel ahead of time and ask: Do they have CCTV, or 24/7 staff, or key card access to the rooms? Is the neighborhood safe and well-lit? Does your hotel seem secure to those who have stayed there in the past?


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