Hotel Travel Tips

Get a better hotel room and rate on your next vacation by following these tips:
1. Don’t be a Stranger – Staying in touch pays off.
2. Introduce Yourself – On Facebook and Twitter, mentioning a hotel may lead to a more customized experience. For example, a traveler who recently included Hilton in a tweet about his grueling cross-country drive was welcomed with a room upgrade.
3. Get Personal – If you need a timely response on a customer service issue, sharing the story or even posting a photo can get you a quick answer. Be sure to use direct channels (an @reply tweet on a hotel’s Twitter handle, or a direct message on Facebook).
4. Ask for Advice – Twitter handle doubles as a concierge: send requests for local tips, and you’ll get a personalized reply from a team of worldwide contributors. Some Hotel’s Pinterest board lets guests create a custom itinerary with local experts before they arrive.
5. Consult the Algorithm – Predicts the average room rate in a destination six months out, making it easy to see when rooms will be at their most affordable.
6. Track the Hotel Rate – Book with online service. which will automatically rebook you at the lower price if your room rate drops.
7. Bundle Your Room with Your Airfare – Hotels drop rates when they can disguise them in travel packages offered by websites.
8. Pick a Card – If you want to stockpile airline miles and hotel points, finding the right travel-rewards credit card is key.
9. Look For Unsold Rooms
10. Avoid Hotel Wi-Fi Fees
11. Show a Hotel Brand Your Loyalty
12.  Tip Like a Pro – Change your bills into smaller denominations right as you check in to your hotel. That way you won’t be left empty-handed when the bellman arrives with your bags.
13. Get a Room Upgrade – Be Nice: Front desk agents are usually empowered to change a guest’s room at their discretion. A little smile can go a long way.Stay at a New Hotel: Recently opened properties may not be as full, and have an added incentive to court return guests.

Be a Regular: Hotels prioritize guests who are frequent visitors. If you are often in the city, be sure to let them know.

Check in Later in the Day: Hotel managers have a better sense of their open inventory as the day goes on, and will be more amenable to a spontaneous upgrade.

Say “Thank You”: If you had a great stay, let the hotel know in writing or via social media. The compliment may be repaid on your next visit.

14. Bring Your Own Water


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